W-TEC 26 Chrome Iron

W-TEC 26 is a white cast iron generally compliant with BS 4844 Grade 3D but with tightly controlled alloying additions and heat treated to 600 – 650 Brinell using proprietary procedures.

Density is 7.9g./cm3 It can be cast into a wide variety of shapes which include liner plates, pipes, pipe sleeves, and pipes with integrally cast flanges. It is a highly cost-effective wear material where energy levels are too high for conventional ceramics but lower than the forces where manganese steels are prevalent. Handling of granulated metals, sinter and dense ores after primary crushing are typical applications.

Maximum use temperature should be below 500°C. Use above 250°C may alter physical properties. For all practical purposes it cannot be welded. Cutting and machining is only possible with specially tipped blades.

A good economic wear liner where mechanical conditions are not too demanding. Does not like high angle impingement or heavy impacts. Highly cost effective for ling straight pipes in laminar flow and limited velocity conditions.

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